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25x30 High Magnification Portable Telescope Night Vision ...

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25x30 High Magnification Portable Telescope Night Vision Pirate Lens Barrel With Briefcase


Name: Portable telescope

Size: 36*36*335mm

Retracted length: 13.5cm

Stretched length: 33cm

Objective lens diameter: 30mm

Magnification: 10 times

Field of view: 126m/1000m

Prism: ROOF prism

Body material: Matel

Plated film type: Whole surface coated antireflection blue film


Beautiful outlooking,pirate lens barrel highlight the unique features

Good hand feeling,very small after contracted,easy to carry

Use BAK4 prism,clear vision, broad and bright

Absolutely authentic,good workmanship

Whole surface coated antireflection blue film,good imaging results


Cloth Bag is not included,we are only send with briefcase

Package included:

1 X Telescope

1 X Lens cleaning cloth

1 X Manual

1 X Briefcase

1 X Box

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